Author Topic: A West Roxbury Garden Shows Off The Beauty Of Woods  (Read 3 times)


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A West Roxbury Garden Shows Off The Beauty Of Woods
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:16:57 AM »
Japanese impacts include a dried gravel fish pond with a stone bridge in the backyard. The metal railing on the front side step, containing Ray Ciemny of Designer Iron in Groton, is similar to waves via a Japan woodcut printing. But the yard also has a sense of whimsy that feels purely American. Both Dustman and her spouse, Patti Thomas, a furniture maker, possess welded back garden tools into sculptures. "We love repurposing objects, " says Dustman, who has designed wrenches, appendage pipes, a basketball baskeball hoop, and fireplace andirons into the garden as tourist attractions. A porcelain doll_s head is stuck on a farm building implement, and a 1950s telephone seedlings under a spring-blooming enkianthus. "It_s fun, " Dustman says, "because I will say to kids that I desire them to locate objects over a scavenger search. There is excessive to do, and she has way too many ideas.

The space is more a piece of art than a place to unwind. "The only time we take a seat on the outdoor is when ever family is visiting, " Dustman says. "I can be a little compulsive, " admits Dustman. Van den Akker Alaskan cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis "Van den Akker"): Tall, darker, and good-looking, this conifer is a top to bottom accent that sways inside the breeze and peers that beats all others. Mini Twists white pine (Pinus strobus "Mini Twists"): Each couple of foliage is usually both dwarf and twisted, creating a whirling pyramidal herb. Robusta Green juniper (Juniperus chinensis "Robusta Green"): Hauntingly sculptural, this juniper looks wind-swept. Aoi Japanese white colored pine (Pinus parviflora "Aoi"): A gorgeous mixture of blue and green color on the fine needles characterizes this medium-sized pyramidal tree. Umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillata): A large, slow-growing conifer with waxy, thick tiny needles, the unforgettable tree is similar to a quitasol. Dustman_s is definitely one of five properties within the Garden Conservancy_s Greater Boston Open Day time tour upon June 11 from 10 a. m.

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